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Remember that movie where the hero is tied up and has just been beaten to a pulp? He’s lying there and the evil mastermind is about to pull the trigger. But, before he does, our mastermind shares all the details of his evil plan. You’ve seen this movie, right?

We all roll our eyes at this point and claim if we were the evil genius, we would have killed the hero a long time ago and would already be the ruler of the world. The problem, though, is that doesn’t match the reality of what happens each and every day.

Daily, we share our evil-genius plans when we should have pulled the trigger a long time ago.

Here’s something I think we all know; something I wish I had employed earlier in my business and life. It’s simple, really:

Speak with your actions.

We all know the phrase “actions speak louder than words.” There’s a reason for that — they do; they show intent and they show purpose.

It’s not just in the movies that this has a business application. Think now of your market, what will people fear more? You stating you are No. 1 in X? Or hands down, no questions asked, you are the recognized expert in X?

But it’s so easy to create some taglines, business cards, maybe a website with that line. On the other hand, being the undisputed expert takes focus, risk, drive and effort.

You’ve Heard This One Before

First, we are an over-litigious society, but, that aside, you’ve heard the threats of “I’m going to sue you” to the point where it’s become a joke. What commands more attention, hearing someone utter that phrase? Or the very next day, being served with court papers?

What if you operated your business and your marketing this way?

I’m not suggesting you go around and sue everybody, but what if you stopped talking and started doing? What if you stopped coming up with messaging and instead acted so your position speaks volumes about who you are.

Deep Down Inside, This Conversation Happens

I bet there are people or companies in your market that put you in awe or maybe when you see them they bubble up some jealousy. Please don’t get too highbrow on me and think jealously isn’t a completely healthy human emotion. It is, so why not embrace it? Why not get to the root of it?

That awe or jealous feeling is there because they have attained, or you perceive they’ve attained, something you desire. So what are you going to do about it? Go back and write it on some vision board?

Here’s What You’re Going to Do

You’re going to act. You’re going to make it a calling, a mission, to get off your ass and make your actions reveal your desires. Your actions are going to reveal to the market, in unequivocal terms, your vision.

It will also reveal the truth.

Don’t be the team saying this is their year, be the team that wins the Super Bowl. Or for the rest of the world, don’t be the team that predicts they will crush football’s (as known as soccer) marquee tournament, be the one that wins the Champions League.

That’s all. As I finish this line and begin to act, join me.