Image by Shermee

Success is a product of not only dedicated effort but having the proper mindset. Being a continual emotional wreck will ensure that you’ll never realize your goals or attain your ultimate vision.

Without the proper mindset it is easy for you to get distracted.

Now more than ever it’s time to start building your mindset towards a focus for success. One of the most important aspects of mindset focus is to not allow your EMOTIONS to rule you!

In business and in life if you let emotions rule your every move you will likely quit when times get tough. And I believe times are about to get tough, so let’s take a step back.

I don’t care what your motivation is, whether that is putting your kids through school, you want to spend more time with your family, or make more income than you could ever imagine, you will not win if you let your emotions drive you. It’s all about your state.

The High Emotional State

Letting your emotions dictate your behavior puts you in a high emotional state. When your in that state others around you will tune into this. While they might not call you on it they will know something is up (even if the don’t know consciously).

This is illustrated well with what happens when you are rejected. Think about the last time you got rejected, how long did you carry that rejection?

I’m willing to bet that everyone has had a similar string of rejection that I received when I first started in my business career. Rejection made me feel like maybe I made a bad decision getting started or even doubt if I could succeed in the industry I was in.

The key for me is I didn’t internalize that rejection. I didn’t take it all on emotionally.

I’m not saying don’t get emotional. Emotion drives passion and letting others hear and feel your passion is one of the ways you stand out in this world. It’s knowing the right emotion at the right time.

This concept is covered well in any sales book you might pick up. You can’t be emotionally attached to your outcome. The top sales people in any field will tell you that often times you will hear yes for every 10 no’s you hear. Although I’m starting to ascribe to the concept that if you’re hearing that many no’s you’re probably talking to the wrong people and wasting your time.

The Factor

Having the proper mindset is one of the most critical factors of whether or not you are going to achieve what you want in your business and life.  Mindset decides whether or not you get discouraged or lose focus. Your mindset guides your daily actions.

Remember most business success is ALL IN YOUR MIND.

Decide now to have success and decide now that you will have the mindset that will create this foundation for success.