Mayan prophecy or more specifically the 5,125 yearlong cycle in the Mayan Calendar runs out on December 21st. Now the skeptical among us might say they just ran out of stone to carve on but as I write this deep inside a Colorado mountain I’m not so convinced.

So on December 20th when you lay your head on your pillow will these thoughts fill your head?

  • Did you accomplish all you wanted? Or did Angry Birds rob you of your accomplishments?
  • Can you finally let go of that regret and embrace the asteroid about impact the planet?
  • Do all the people of meaning in your life know just how much they mean to you? Beyond any doubt?
  • Between now and that fateful day if you wanted to change the world, did you?
  • Maybe you won’t be laying your head on that pillow but instead taking in the view of a far off place you’ve only imagined you would visit someday– good for you.
  • Or maybe you wont even notice what day it is because you’ll be living your life with passion, zest, and resolve as you follow your dreams and blaze new trails.

Now if you happen to survive and wake up on December 22nd that’s great but what are you going to do about the above? Why wait until then? We still have time, why not start today—like right now.

I for one will still be here at least for the next 2 years or until my supplies run out. For the survivors out there you can continue to follow us here or get more survival tips on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.