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Curation Traffic WordPress Curation Platform

Curation Traffic Theme and Plugin - WordPress Content CurationCuration Traffic a WordPress based content curation platform. It’s been designed from the ground up to convert and it makes curating content push button simple.

The theme version has been designed from the ground up to convert, with layouts, skins, social sharing, and a top bar built right in.

The plugin version allows you to add the power of content curation to your existing blog or website (with some additional engagement options). Learn more about both the Curation Traffic Theme and the Curation Traffic Plugin (or get the best deal out there the All-in-One Bundle).

Ultimate Call to Action Plugin

Ultimate Call to Action PluginThe Ultimate Call to Action Plugin allows you to easily create niched focused call to actions. It’s been proven time and time again that if your call to actions are extensions of your content subject they convert at a higher rate.

The plugin allows you place your call to actions above your content, below your content, or in the sidebar. There’s also custom placement that allows you to put your call to actions within any location of any WordPress theme.

Increasing conversions is why we built the Ultimate Call to Action plugin.

Content Curation Training

Curation Mastery TrainingCuration Mastery Training – Content and inbound marketing has proven to be highly effective. A subset strategy of content marketing is called “content curation”.

In the Curation Mastery Training you will learn not only curation 101 but advanced topics such as, how to drive traffic with curation, how to build authority with curation, how to build converting offers with content curation, how to curate in minutes a day, plus much much more.

Here’s how to learn more about the Content Curation Training.



The Art of the Headline

art-of-headline-shopping-cartThe Art of the Headlines will guide you through the how to easily create headlines that ensure you attention and ultimately get someone to act.

Here’s what we cover in the training…. Rules of Headlines, Know Your Intended Audience/Prospect, The IBDE Equation for Headlines (I+B+D+E). We cover each element of the IBDE Equation; Interest, Benefit, Delivers, Emotion.

We also cover what Can We Learn from the Greats? Such as Bernard Baruch, The Bencivenga Persuasion Equation®, John Caples’s Six Rules for Headline Writers, David Ogilvy’s Acid Test for Headlines, Yanik Silver’s Ways to Make a Headline Snap, Eugene M. Schwartz (Breakthrough Advertising). Plus much more… Learn more about the Art of the Headline.

Social Quote Traffic

Instantly Increase Engagement, Shares, and Traffic with Eye-Catching, Share-Inducing Social Connected Pull Quotes.

Quotes are used to emphasize excerpts of text. Since users almost never read but scan we need to provide them with some focus anchors to fix their attention to the most important parts of your articles.

Increasingly the social signals you have on your website and content play a role in authority, search, and people deciding to share your content. Learn more about Social Quote Traffic.