lessons-2014Wow, 2013 went by in a blink, it seems like just last week it was 2012.

So here’s what we learned in 2013:

  • People are still talking about social media like it’s this new shiny thing but ultimately it’s become a feature
  • We proved again that direct mail still works (spurred on by our good friend at Dempsey Marketing), although it’s a mix of direct with new media elements.
  • This last year belonged to the people who shipped great stuff
  • We found effective ways to convert in with the new norm… the dual screen consumption environment.
  • Responsive designs made its way into every major web property on the planet
  • Email was still one of the most effective permission marketing channels
  • The best Tweet of the year came early.
  • SEO did not die, the true practitioners figured out how to build and at times mimic the footprint of a trusted brand. T he industry did take a big left turn with some people turning right and ending up in the desert.
  • Content marketing did well and has a good future as we look ahead in 2014
  • Curation also did good as well (with a little help of our newly updated platform Curation Traffic)
  • Wow, did Facebook innovate the social ad space
  • Google Live Hangouts actually was a pretty good strategy for awareness
  • The basics still ruled… have an offer that’s irresistible for a target market and get that target market to see your offer

Can’t wait for what 2014 will bring!