Priming in Social Media

What is a secret tool you can inject into all your new media communications? Priming. Priming is a psychological term that essentially explains how an earlier stimulus influences response to a later stimulus. Podcast on priming in social media and the blog post how to use priming in social media.

Marketing in the Attention Economy

Today we talk about something that I believe is very important. The changes that are about to happen with technology and peoples attention. We already are overloaded. For instance here is some interesting statistics: Continue reading on marketing in the attention economy.

Fixing Social Media

Inline segmenting or Inline Segmentation (my terms) is what I see as the answer to fixing this social marketing challenge. Explained a little further– giving the ability of someone following a person, a company or brand an option of defining that relationship (see below for a illustration).  Is social media broken?

Future of Permission Marketing

When it comes to communication the biggest problem someone faces right now is overload. From cell phones, text messages, emails, and social networks. The vast amount of communication that the average person parses is staggering. Never before has one had such an access to instantaneous one on one or even one to many communication options… continue on the future of permission marketing.