Move Over GIF Here Comes GFY

The ubiquitous GIF, a 27-year-old image format that has grown into an Internet artform, is becoming obsolete. There might just be a new format… meet GFY (some links are NSFW on the story).

It will be interesting to see where it goes, I do think this is one to watch and test out if you create any type of GIFs in  your marketing.

The World Needs More Great Editors

If you have more than a few minutes read through this transcript of a talk given by Jenene Cossan at the MPA Magazine Sales Conference 2014. It covers a wide range of issues facing not just magazines but anybody interested in creating content and marketing online.

Here’s a follow up piece we did on our other site: The World Needs Great Editors.

Here’s a portion that will give you a taste of why it’s a great read:

Add to that the confusion and pressure marketers feel to understand online – a medium that runs at a speed that realistically scares the living daylights out of most people – and when you offer a nice comfy, reliable format that they can physically get their hands onto and sniff, and see their ad, they understand this and they sign that offer that was too good to be turned down.

Those days are numbered.

I’ll tell you why. Those types of marketers are not going to survive. They are a short-term win. The marketers who are refusing to move with the future will, over the course of the next few years, be weeded out and replaced by young whippersnappers who understand the concept of true customer engagement and relationship building.

But, hold your tomatoes.

Let me put to you an idea that is rapidly being understood and is your future. In fact, I believe you sit in a stronger position than almost anyone else in the market. I think that if you’re smart about it and you truly embrace the opportunity you have in front of you to bring to life this single idea; you will make more money than ever before.

Midway through the talk she gives what I think is probably the best advice I’ve heard to future proof yourself in digital marketing:

You need to think of yourself as taste makers, curators, cultivators, community managers, the people in charge of knowing all there is to know about a subject and bringing that to life and to the people in whatever format they want it in.

The full talk (transcript) is well worth the read and has so many great insights I’d almost have to re-post it in full to do it justice.

A Forgotten Google Trick

A little over a year ago, Google was free for merchants to list picture ads that appeared in search results and on Google Shopping. Last year, Google restructured the service to create a medium where merchants had to pay for product listings instead. One reason PLAs have such a high conversion rate is that they display a picture and the price of the exact product users are searching for. Read more from SteamFeed on product listing ads: the huge opportunity you’re missing.

Here’s Some Amazing Advertising

Ever heard of Tom McElligott? I don’t know if it’s because I live in Minnesota but I have. What I didn’t know and have since learned is he was a genius at advertising. Here’s one of his old commercial (although I doubt this would be aired today):

It’s a shame, he ushered in a new, sassier way of talking. His work felt like it was written by a very smart lawyer with a great sense of humour. He influenced a generation. But there’s almost no evidence of his existence on the internet.


I found the greatest american copywriter wasn’t a ‘mad man’ via Vice. There’s a more awesome piece at Hands up who’s heard of Tom McElligott? < I’d start there actually.

Got Time, Read These:

I think I’ll add a new section to our You are the Brand roundups. One where I don’t provide commentary but just share links that either made me laugh, think, or just baffled my mind: