I love using Gmail, but the one thing that always drove me nuts was waiting 45 min to an hour for my emails to be imported from my You Brand, Inc. email address, into my Gmail account. So I did some searching and I came across this awesome browser extension called Gmail POP3 Checker.

It is a free Google Chrome Extension and Greasemonkey, for Firefox, Add-on that checks your POP3 emails every 8 minutes.

Most business owners have an email address at their website’s domain. My main email is adam@youbrandinc.com and this is the same email address that is on the You Brand, Inc. website, my business cards, almost every social account I use, but most importantly, the email that I give to my clients.

If you are like me and you need to keep on top of things in your business, Gmail POP3 Checker is a must have.

Gmail POP3 Checker:

  • Checks your email every 8 min (sooner if you donate to the developer)
  • Know exactly how long it has been since your emails were fetched
  • Works with Google Chrome and Firefox
  • Most importantly, helps you keep on top of you emails which is necessary in today’s fast paced digital world



If you have a website domain and you are still using an email address ending with @gmail or @hotmail or anything that is not your website’s domain, you should consider setting up an email account with your domain and then using the POP3 to import your messages into a service like Gmail.

Not only does it look more professional, but most importantly, you don’t own your other email address. I own adam@youbrandinc.com and if for some reason Google decided to shut down my account, my email would continue to be sent to a server and email address that I have control of.