I’ve been testing and using what I consider to be a great application for tracking my social media activity.

SWIX is like Google Analytics for social media. You wouldn’t run an important web-site without tracking your traffic patterns, nor should you invest in social media without understanding how it’s working for you.

Here is what I like about Swix:

  • It allows you to have a dashboard of all your important numbers, such as total visits to your website, Twitter followers, Facebook fans, Facebook friends, Youtube subscribers, page rank, RSS subscribers, and much more.
Finally a social media dashboard
  • It’s easy to use and set up, you essentially add a new pod (network) and it’s then part of your dashboard.
Swix allows you to set up Pods (accounts and networks) to track your social media activities.
  • Ability to track ROI on a rudimentary level. (this isn’t a limitation on SWix it’s more of a limitation on how you need to track ROI and social media.)
Track ROI and social media. Also track campaigns and events.
  • It allows you to run campaigns, such as messaging, or track traffic spikes around a particular event.
  • Team setup, so if you have a team you can give access to reports and tracking.

These are the main features that I like but overall the ease of use and the ability to see all relevant information is what I like most about this analytic tool.

What I Wish It Had

  • Tracking of interactions across social networks. Yes I know this is almost the holy grail of social tracking.
  • Tracking of twitter mentions, this wouldn’t be that hard and is actually in a few applications I’m testing now.
  • Ability to add your own manual updated tracking metric. For instance, I do a podcast, I’d like to be able to track subscriber numbers in this application, even it I have to enter it manually once a week.

Check It Out

This is a great application and if your looking for a good way to track progress of your social media outreach I would suggest you check out Swix, I can only seeing it getting better.