Finally, a Webinar Service I’m Happy to Pay For

Now we’ve used just about every single webinar service there is.

From the most expensive ones to the ones that seem to be made by a developer who must have been a gerbil (I just know in some far off land there is a team of gerbil coders somewhere).

I wanted to send this over because I just noticed the webinar service WebinarJam we use is running an unbelievable special.

You can see the special offer here.

For the next few days you can get access to one of the best webinar systems for a single life time payment. That’s awesome because if you’re paying monthly for any webinar service you can now cancel. I know that’s what we did. 

That’s why I had to send this along. This new service blows away services like MeetingBurner or GoToWebinar (those are the 2 we cancelled).

If you do (or thinking about doing) any webinar this service really does rock. The best part is a for a limited time they are running a one time lifetime price. So go check it out (those links above are our affiliate links).

BuiltWith Chrome Extension

The only thing missing is an audio track when you use this extension that says “what it built with?”.

A true geek tool. It allows you to scan a website and see what the website is built with. Find the technology of your competitors or sites you admire. That’s how I  use it. Every now and then I’ll come across something that catches my eye. I’ll wonder how they did it and use the easy to use extension.

OneTab  Another Aweseome Extension

Do you have so many tabs open you can barely find what you are looking for? One tab is awesome.

One tab will bring all your open tabs down to one tab. It will also save these tabs.

But wait there’s more (in my perfect infomercial voice)… you can then view these tabs and delete them, save them, open them up again, the possibilities are endless.

Whenever you find yourself with too many tabs, click the OneTab icon to convert all of your tabs into a list. When you need to access the tabs again, you can either restore them individually or all at once.

When your tabs are in the OneTab list, you will save up to 95% of memory because you will have reduced the number of tabs open in Google Chrome.

Once you use this addon once you’ll use it again and again.

I don’t know when we first learned about BizSugar but for a while now it’s been part of our content promotion strategy. It’s not the holy grail of traffic generations but every now and then we’ll have a break out post. As a side note that’s usually how it works with most content marketing– it’s the sum of all the parts that work.

If you haven’t heard of BizSugar before here’s what I would suggest. Go to the site and look around a bit. If the posts, topics and people you see there are in your market then test it out. If they aren’t then I’d ignore it. For us, the people who post content and spend time there are within a niche that we market too.

At BizSugar you share your business blog posts, videos and other content, so that others can learn from you. Benefits: you reinforce a reputation as a thought leader and bring online visibility to your content.

You discover what others have shared. Benefits: you make networking connections with other business people and stay informed.

The BizSugar voting system curates content through the wisdom of the crowd. The community votes on member-submitted tips, advice and other small business information, advancing the highest-quality posts to the home page.