Another round up of tools we use, discovered, or re-discovered.

Discover Themes & Plugins on Websites

First up is one that any person interested in digital marketing can use. Have you ever been on someone’s site, saw something maybe a interesting popup or sidebar item and wondered– how do they do that?

There’s a special addon designed to answer that question. It’s called SpyBar.

This is different than the What It’s Built With Addon I shared with you in Use these Tools #2.

SypBar is specifically designed to figure out WordPress or Joomla sites.

Spy will share with you the theme that a site is running. It also tries to figure out what plugins are running the site.

If you look at the image here you’ll notice the theme and plugins are clickable. Clicking it will pull up a Google search that 9 times out of 10 finds the right theme or plugin.

A few more handy things it provides is Alexa Rank, Google PR, links to SEO Explorer, LinksIn, ahrefs, and a quick WhoIs lookup.

We use this plugin because it  helps us discover new plugins, themes, and insight from other marketers and people around the web.

Video Suite for Hosting Videos

Creating video players with different options, share buttons, in different players, etc. is such a pain. For the last few years we’ve used this EasyVideoSuite to easily create videos.

Designed to work seamlessly with Amazon S3 to quickly and securely host your videos.

You can embed “buy now” buttons, Opt in forms & CTA’s directly in your videos. In addition you can create timed events in and around your videos which is a powerful feature all by itself.

Video marketing analytics  that covers completion percentage, starts, completed views, drop off time, even tracks sales.

You can also create video playlists with the drag and drop editor. That’s great for tutorial videos or a videos that carry a common theme.

We  use EasyVideoSuite for all of our sales videos and our membership tutorial and training videos.

Messenger Plugin

See that little messenger box down on the bottom right? This little message box has been running on our site for over a  year. If you click it it will go to our product Curation Traffic. It’s there because it works.

We tested this messenger plugin on a whim and we were surprised that on the first day it generated over 20 visits to our product site. It still works now. I think one of the reasons why it does is because it break through ad blindness.

Don’t have a product to sell? Use this plugin to invite people to a special page where you have an email offer. Or redirect them to a special page where you can suggest them to follow you on social media.

With this messenger plugin you can choose templates inspired by Aim, Facebook, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, and a Chat Bar. You can also customize all the text and run a 3 Ad variate split test. You can also customize the text, add custom look and feel, and add a sound if you really wan’t to capture attention.

This little plugin has had a big impact on our own conversions and t hat’s why we use it.

That’s all for this weeks Use These Tools.