Today we’ll cover a very handy affiliate link tool plugin for WordPress. If you do any form of affiliate marketing this is one of those tools that should be in your arsenal.

Want to know how much we wanted this type of plugin? We were on the verge of creating exactly what it does but luckily we didn’t have to go down that road.

This keyword affiliate link tool is simple and easy to use. I highly recommend it.

What Does This Affiliate WordPress Plugin Do?

Here’s the highlights:

  • Automatic keyword affiliate link creation for your content
  • A/B Testing of Affiliate Offers
  • Country Specific Targeting
  • Post by Post Link Click Breakdown
  • Google Analytic integration

Now we’ll break down each individual feature a bit.

Keyword Affiliate Link Creation

Create affiliate links based on keywords. That means you can put one or many keywords and affiliate links will automatically be created for you.

This feature is probably the most useful feature. Basically you enter keywords, for instance for our content curation platform Curation Suite we use the keyword “content curation tool”.

Anywhere in our content (both future and past) where that keywords shows up our defined affiliate link will display (as it just did here).

A/B Test Affiliate Offers

You can also test multiple affiliate offers with the same link. Basically you place two different offers for the same link and your clicks will be divided between these 2 offers.

From there  you can  track sales and see which one coverts better. Once you have a clear winner you can then select the one that converts the best.

Country Specific Targeting

You can also send visitors to different destination URL’s based on the country they’re currently located in.

This is a pretty handy feature especially if you get visitors from a certain country but an affiliate program doesn’t accept purchases from that country. With this setting you can choose to redirect that traffic to another affiliate program that does (maybe not your preferred referral) or choose to not show it at all.

Google Analytic’s Integration/Post Tracking

On every ‘Better Link’ you create you can integrate with Google Analytics to identify content with high and low click through rates.
You then use this data to find content that you can improve your total number of clicks which will help you convert better.

There also is a feature that will track which links you use in your posts so you can see your overall clicks and find ways to increase those clicks

What I Wish It Had

While you can limit the amount of links that appear in your content this setting is for all your links. I really wish it was on a link by link basis.

While you can set a limit to the amount of automatic affiliate links created… let me explain.

Let’s say I’ve created the a link with the same keywords of “content curation tool” and this keyword in one of my post appears 7 times. In the plugins overall settings I can choose to limit links to 3. The good thing about this is it won’t just do the first three links but the links will be randomized throughout your content.

I do wish you could do this on a link by link basis. That way you had maximum control. This would allow you to be a little more aggressive with certain affiliate programs where it might make sense. I think out of the box the link limit is set to 50, I would suggest you set it below 10 if not 5.

In Closing

If you do any affiliate marketing (if don’t you should) then this really is a must have this keyword affiliate link plugin. It has many more features we cover in the video above.

If you’re a member of You Brand, Inc. we’ll also be sharing some specific strategies while using this plugin in the coming weeks, so check your email or the members site for this.