While most people who interact within social media use 3-4 main social networks (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn) there is some benefit to interacting on some more obscure or not as popular networks.

Places like Plurk, Ning, Hi5, Bebo, Friendster, and YouAre just to name a few.

A service weve used here at You Brand, Inc. for well over a year is Ping.fm.

If you haven’t used Ping.fm– Ping.fm is a online service that allows you to post to over 50+ networks at once. Although it is much more than that, it also is a platform that other developers can connect to. It inlcudes an easy to use interface, simple rules for network lists, and also has great toolbars (IE, Safari, Firefox) as well as mobile connectivity.

While that is a great productivity tool by it’s own, a new development has made it even more of an appealing system to use.

Seesmic the online/desktop software that makes it a lot easier to interact with Twitter has acquired Ping.fm.

This means that in the coming weeks you will be able to use the Seesmic application to post to Ping.fm. Seesmic users will also be able to update not only with the apps they are used to, but also with Ping.fm’s email, sms and chat gateways.

This is a welcome additon to an already pretty good tool, while I still prefer Tweetdeck over Seesmic it defintely will increase the applications value going forward.

This is following a trend that I believe we will see this year, the convergence of networks and technologies. In the same way the cell phone has been on a path to being a one stop shop for your email, photos, and communication device, expect to see more of these applications interconnect.

If you haven’t signed up for or used Ping.fm, I highly suggest you do, it’s a great service and is a great way to stay connected to some of those more niche networks out there.