Gravity Social network

Have you heard of Gravity? This is not an apple falling from a tree type of experiment it is a new social network created by three former MySpace executives. Gravity came out of private beta and now has just opened a public beta.

I liken Gravity to a web 2.0 forum of sorts with a very clean look. Essentially Gravity is organized around broad topics or what they called “worlds”. You can orbit around these worlds (yes, there is an orbit button). When someone follows you or “orbits you”, you will get a message “X is now orbiting me”. You can orbit conversations, threads, and people.

Topics are roughly organized to higher level topics such as Business and Entertainment. From there they drill down to a little more detail. You can then create a question or comment. Once you do that someone can like your comment or create an additional comment. Then someone can like a comment or create a comment off a comment thus creating separate streams of conversations within the same thread.

Gravity Social Network arranges Topics like a forum

Nothing new right? Well sort of.

One element that Gravity adds is a big form of game mechanics . This is a huge factor any social network can instill to create engagement. If you’ve used foursquare then the badges you receive here won’t be all that foreign. Badges such as Tailgate, Photogenic, and P.S. I Love You (which you get by liking stuff) all have their own unique ways you can obtain them.

There is also something to be said on the ease of use. I was able to get up and running within a few minutes and join conversations quickly. It made sense and the site does look great in a minimalist sort of way.

Is There Any Value in Gravity?

It’s hard to say. They are indexed in the search engines. You can also put links in your profile. The depth and amount of conversations are not that great but I would imagine will grow over time.

Big plus… I was able to notice that the links in the threads of conversations do not have a nofollow attribute. I’m not sure how long that will last but if you can find a unique way to work a link to your website then why not give it a try, see if it adds an inbound link to your website.

Another good take on Gravity comes from Super Carly where she asks if Gravity can be bigger than Twitter?

What to Do Now?

I’d sign up for Gravity to at least reserve your username and your company name. If you can add value give it a try, make a few comments, do a few likes. If it takes off it takes off, if it doesn’t at least you’ve secured your account early.