I’ve done more of a roundup of things that can add to your arsenal of knowledge. The video below does contain some great insights as well as the in-depth post about sharing and what works on Facebook.

Social Entertainment

People are in social media for fun and family. If your someone or a company looking to engage in social networking this is one key to having success. A new study also backs this up as it reveals that a shift of though as social networks become “social entertainment”. For an overview of the study go here.

Ways to Share on Facebook

There are times where the content we introduce into the activity feeds of those in our social graph is intended to inspire sharing across the graphs of friends and friends of friends. Consider the science and then craft the update to employ it to your benefit – and hopefully the benefit of others. More at 10 Scientific Ways to Promote Sharing on Facebook.

Facebook and Twitter Cause Changes to Business Models

A little more in-depth discussion but timely and full of great insight comes from Techcrunch. This video and overview from Smash Summit is worth a watch to get more insight and a deeper understanding of the keys on how social is changing business models. Watch the video below or read the recap here.