Are you looking for more traffic to your website or blog? Using correctly can effectively increase your traffic in a very targeted manner. is an internet community where users can publish content, gain information about a specific topic or both. The site signed on in January 2006.

What are Hubs?

Hubs are essentially articles on just about anything. Creators of content can write articles or Hubs on just about anything they are knowledgeable about, have an interest in or perhaps even want to promote, such as businesses, websites or links to other content sites.

Hubs are broken down into smaller sections called capsules. Capsules can be filled with text, a photo, links, RSS feeds or even money-making options, which will be discussed below.

Visitors to the site can search for hubs on a specific topic, of they can visit the main page to see what is hot, what is new and what is the best rated. From the “Topics” tab, users can browse through popular categories and subcategories.

Who are Hubbers?

Simply put, hubbers are users that create hubs. Like any social networking or content sharing site, there are recognizable members who have popular hubs, high scores and basically a larger presence.

Brian put together a quick video that goes into a little more detail about hub pages:

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