Squidoo is a great source for building your authority in any niche or any market. It also is a great way to connect with potential clients and prospects.

It also is a great source for bringing traffic and new prospects to your websites or social profiles.

Squidoo is a place to for others to begin searching and browsing the topic they may have just searched for using their favorite search engine and found. A Lens on Squidoo is named a lens because like the lens of a magnifying glass it allows people to examine and taste before visiting what they are about to click to.

Squidoo lenses come in many forms or fashions, one of the lenses I’ve made that sees good traffic is my 3 Ways to Be Yourself Online Lens. With Squidoo it is very similar to a blank piece of “Web” Paper that you are able to paste plugins to and customize within their basic “Web” paper guidelines. Some of the more simple plugins such as Text, Video, Pictures, are standard and are very useful but can become bland. If you use Plugins such as: Big Arrow Link, RSS: Add your blog, StickyNote, Blackbox, Poll Mudule etc… you will effectively differentiate your lens from others.

Squidoo is a great free service but you should always remember that it is not the same as a web service like Ezines that you simply submit your articles and let it go. With Squidoo you need to take the mindset of a collage and place everything that is connected within the niche brand category you have chosen into your lens thus making it a full bodied and well used and trafficked  online resource.

I’ve also created a video walk thru giving you a complete overview:

[pro-player width=’564′ height=’340′ type=’video’]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gh640xN4Biw[/pro-player]