Facebook recently made a change that so far has had some big impacts on our own advertising.

They added what are called Call to Action Buttons. With these buttons you can’t customize the text of these buttons but they pretty much cover anything you would want to market.

Currently with call-to-action buttons you have five options:

  • Shop Now
  • Learn More
  • Sign Up
  • Book Now
  • Download

Here is the ad we are currently running:

How Much Did this Improve Our Ads?

There’s 2 parts of this. The first part is we drastically reduced our cost. We ran this ad before (without the button) to custom audiences with an average CPC cost of 1.09. After adding the button our average CPC was .71. Which means we can run just over 33% more ads for the same spend.

We also saw an aggregate increase of clicks by 22%. So adding this button not only improved our cost but it increased our clicks. I should mention that we are marketing to a series of custom audiences, so the ad is pretty targeted. We are also doing some re-targeting with this ad as well.

It’s almost hard to believe that one simple little button can have this much of a difference on an ad.

Our next test will be to test a change in the button from Learn More to Download. Our hope is we will see a higher conversion rate. Either way at this time we are pretty happy with this improvement.

How Do You Access Call to Actions?

You have to access this in the power editor. If you’re not sure what the power editor view this post from Facebook.

Here’s the steps:

  1. Go to PowerEditor
  2. Create a “clicks to website” ad
  3. Create an unpublished page post
  4. Create/Edit the Ad (choosing your call to action)

To get the new CTA buttons when you create an ad you have to choose an objective. Right now the only ad that you can have an objective for are ads that are “clicks to a website“.

The next step is to create a new unpublished post (this means it wont be found or show up on your Facebook page). After you’ve set that up then creating the ad will be familiar if you’ve done it before.

I’ve noticed ads with CTA buttons from Amazon, Moz, and a few other companies. If you do any Facebook advertising test  the call to action button and see how it does for you.

That’s all for now, see you in the next post.