Are You Spending a Day With Your Prospect?

I know what you’re saying… they are a prospect they don’t know me yet.

Like Einstein used to do let’s go on a thought experiment.

First on Einstein’s thought experiments… many of his greatest breakthroughs came from him piecing things together through what are called thought experiments. Or what you and I refer to as day dreaming— just that he was Einstein and we are not, so he does thought experiments.

Let’s day dream and spend a day with our prospect.

But Why Would I Want To Do That?

The purpose of this day with your prospect is it helps you get into the daily life of your target market. Before you create content, network in social media, or spend any time advertising this one day will make all of this more effective.

Even if you sell to a business to business this is still relevant. Typically behind these decisions are one or two people. You sell them; you get the right ally to sell the organization. So knowing them in and out will allow you to connect and find them that much easier. Effective sales in this realm can go beyond the needs and solution your company or service provides for their organization.

Your goal here is to get to the daily challenges, the conversations, the wants, and needs of that person you are working on selling or doing business with.

Come On Does This Really Work?

Just Like Christopher & Banks create your own Mary and Tracy

Have you heard of the clothing retailer Christopher & Banks? They have spent a day with two people, Mary and Tracy.

In the mid 90’s recognizing that the fastest growing demographic group in the market was women from age 35 to 54, the leadership took steps to further define its primary customer and weave her character into the fabric of the company.

The typical customer was determined to be Mary, age 39, who worked full time and had a family income of $55,000 or more. She preferred a more business casual look that she could wear to both work and to community meetings, or to her children’s events later in the day. Discussions about Mary’s needs pervaded all aspects of the company. She lived in the suburbs and drove a minivan.

The company went so far as to have an actual picture of ‘Mary’ and place it in their corporate offices. They asked themselves often if the strategies, products, and marketing that they did fell with the needs and wants of Mary.

In 2000 they then spent a day with Tracy. Tracy is Mary’s younger sister, who had the same lifestyle and tastes. Christopher & Banks launched a new division of stores called CJ Banks for size 14-24 women, this was for Tracy.

Both Mary and Tracy have helped Christopher & Banks remain a very profitable company in a crowded space. With current sales at 530.7M and a one year growth of 7.8% they have proven that dialing in your target market down to one core person can be one element of success.

So How Do I Do This?

Simple, create your own Mary. Go beyond the married, have kids, age, and income stuff. I’m going to assume you are going to nail that down and want to get to the good stuff.

Wake up with your prospect. What time do they get up? What do they do next? What do they eat in the morning if anything? Do they listen to the radio on the way to work? Do they work? What time do they leave for work? Why do they work? Do they drink coffee? Make it at home or pick it up on the way? Do they bring lunch to work or eat out? What time do they get home? Live the day with your prospect.

Then go deeper. Okay, I know getting creepy now… but now it’s time to get into the mind and conversations. What do they talk about at work? What do they talk about with their spouse? How about what types of things are discussed when they are at their kids events? What phrases do they use?

This is just a start but there are a 1,000 more questions you can answer about your prospects day.

After Your Full Day Here’s What to Do Next

Give your prospect a name. Craft what you do, your content, and your communications to this one person. If you have a product or service craft your product offering to your own Mary or Tracy.

Get as detailed as you can possibly can.

How does your product, service or what you sell fit into their life? How do they perceive what you do or your product? How does their daily life affect you attracting them to what you do?

The questions are endless and spending this day with your own prospect will make sure you and what you do is in alignment with your most valuable asset, your customer.