Dec 29, 2017 Sometimes the unspoken signals can be the strongest indicators of how someone feels. And while most of us are pretty adept at reading physical body language, few people can claim the same level of proficiency reading digital body language.

Liraz Margalit is one of those few. Margalit uses that skill in her role as director of behavioral analytics at cloud-based experience analytics provider Clicktale.

By combining the latest research in the field of psychology with advanced technologies such as machine learning and cognitive computing, Margalit believes brands can move beyond judging customers based on past behavior to understanding and delivering on customer’s needs within their current context. An experienced speaker, lecturer and researcher, Margalit travels the globe evangelizing for the emerging field of “web psychology.”  My proudest accomplishment has been seeing an idea that was inspired by my research in the field of cognitive psychology, become a disruptive technology.

I’m referring to the idea that a machine learning model can predict a customer’s mindset on a digital property at any given moment, according to that customer’s interactions. The digital body language model can also measure the quality of a customer’s visit and willingness to re-engage with the brand at a later date.

Seeing this add value to our customers businesses, and the real benefits brands can achieve by employing this model, is very gratifying. I like to quote Einstein, who said, brilliantly: “We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking that we used while we created them.” Read more from…

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