SILICON VALLEY, CA — San Jose’s Cinequest Film & VR Festival is internationally renowned for its exceptional quality and diversity of its program, attracting trailblazers in films and virtual reality works. It also prides itself with a reputation for blending creativity with technological innovation to empower, improve and transform the lives of people and communities.

The 28th season of the film and virtual reality fest takes place Tuesday, Feb. 27 through Sunday, March 11 across downtown San Jose theaters and venues, with a 2018 lineup of rousing and inspirational filmed arts and technologies.

It opens with the world premiere of “Krystal,” William H. Macy’s comedy about a young man’s romantic and beguiling pursuit of his dream girl. It stars Rosario Dawson in the titular role and up-and-comer Nick Robinson.

Macy as well as select cast and crew will attend the screening. Throughout the festival, a series of tributes and spotlights will celebrate exceptional film artists and technology visionaries including Nicolas Cage, Tatiana Maslany, Andie MacDowell, Ben Mankiewicz and Travis Cloyd.

One program of note is “Thrills,” the festival’s first ever collective showcase of scary movies. Meanwhile, the VR Program will feature 29 immersive virtual and augmented reality films, including “Speed Kills VR Experience,” starring John Travolta. Read more from…

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