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Concerts. One thing that is common to all of these is the pulsating energy they reverberate, sweeping one and all in their wake.

Such is the case with the fourth edition of Rajasthan Digifest, which commenced on July 25 in the city of Bikaner. Day 1 of the Digifest saw an overwhelming response with the participation of a whopping 25,000 people and approximately 50 startups. The three-day fest, which is aimed at providing a platform to students, IT professionals, and aspiring entrepreneurs is being held at the Government Polytechnic College.

It’s all about emerging technologies these days, and The Rajasthan Digifest is no different. Robot ‘Budhia’ stole the show on day 1 of the fest.

Budhia has been designed to not only give people all possible information relating to the Bhamashah Yojana, but also to resolve all problems relating to it. Budhia which can speak 19 different languages also does yoga and a cool jig to enamour its audience. Read more from…

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