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The best way to stay connected to the Android pulse. This is the first in a three-part series, looking at 3D imaging, including where it’s been in the past, what’s happening now with VR and AR systems, and whether or not we’ll eventually get to the “real” 3D of holographic displays as seen so often in sci-fi.

Every few decades the industry goes through a 3D craze. In the 1980s, 3D came to the movies in a slew of action and sci-fi “B” movies, and cardboard glasses.

It popped up again in movies in the late 2000s, and there’s been a yearly trickle of 3D releases ever since (though most are conversions of conventionally shot films). The TV industry went through it just a few years back, bringing a flood of “3D-ready” televisions, despite a notable lack of televised 3D content.

Now”4K” is the buzzword of the day in the TV market, and  3D’s started to moving into the mobile market, only under a different name. 3D has come to the smartphone market in the form of “virtual reality.” The notable characteristic that each and every previous 3D craze has shared is that they all ultimately failed. Read more from…

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