Virtual reality (VR) has been established for a few years now, but even though it’s been recently overshadowed by augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI), it seems hype surrounding VR is set to continue. We spoke to a number of leading creatives about what’s inspiring them in the year ahead, and many mentioned the effects of VR in the creative space.  Others, such as Damian Collier from Blend Media, fear VR might be peaking too early.   Either way, many agencies are still experimenting with the immersive opportunities of VR, such as the Science Museum’s Space Descent experience and a VR initiative to alleviate the stress of chemotherapy, and there’s already a great focus on the opportunities of VR for artists and designers.

Google paved the way with the launch of its much-hyped Tilt Brush for the HTC Vive headset in 2015. But beyond the novelty of painting into thin air, Facebook’s Quill was created to propel illustration filmmaking.

Oculus has tapped into character art with its VR 3D modelling experience, Medium, and even Mozilla is jumping in by creating a basic web-based painting tool.  We take a look at these VR painting and modelling tools a little further so you know exactly what’s on offer right now. Although the tools alone are not expensive to purchase, buying a headset and controllers will set you back quite a bit if you don’t already own them. We plan to update this feature, so please let us know of any VR painting tools that you are using.

VR painting & modelling tools on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift There was a lot of hype around the release of Google’s Tilt Brush app for the HTC Vive in 2015 (through Valve’s Steam platform). Artists, painters, cartoonists, dancers and designers were commissioned by Google for their Artist in Residence program.

It’s worth checking out the impressive designs posted on their Virtual Arts Experiments blog. We ourselves asked illustrator Alex Moore to give it a go and see if it lived up to the hype. Read more from…

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