See the Swiss Alps without leaving the city.  QV Melbourne is unveiling a new VR experience this May, giving people the chance to soar through the Swiss Alps — without spending a few grand on flights. Kicking off on Friday May 18, the QV square will become a Scandinavian-style Winter wonderland until Sunday June 20, where you can immerse yourself in snow-capped mountains thanks to footage from the GoPro 360.

The VR headset will have you feeling like you’re actually in the Alps, while the paragliding harness you sit in and cool air brushing past your face makes for a surreal experience.  There’ll also be a complimentary s’mores stand where you can build-your-own sweet treat, plus the Virtual / Chill bar, slinging hot cocktails, mulled wine, Irish coffee and warm, spicy whisky. Live music will be provided by musicians Tayla Thomas, Emma Yarosh and James Hall, playing alternating Fridays from 4pm-7pm.  The program starts Friday May 18 (5pm-10pm) til Sunday June 20, with events on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 4pm-7pm.

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