New in OS X: Get MacRumors Push Notifications on your Mac At those prices, refurbished or not, on sale or not, you either need to be making money from the machine or have disposable funds to justify the expense. Great product.

Great performance regardless of the lack of upgradability. But this is a niche market machine that most of us have no justification for.

Cool. Now get back to work on my Mac Pro.

6 years to create a new computer.. SMH Apple claimed to spend 6 years developing HomePod and look how freaking great that product came out.

May even be able to pair 2 for “stereo like” sound soon. 😉 even if you have money to burn, spending 4k and up having the hardware be outdated within 2 years is still unjustifiable WWDC 2018 takes place June 4 to June 8 in San Jose, California. Read more from…

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