To go alongside the newly updated MacBook Pros, Apple is selling a product for users who need more graphic processing power. Apple worked with cinema company Blackmagic on an external GPU based around a Radeon Pro 580 with 8GB of video memory.

Apple says it should give 2.8x faster graphics performance on the 15-inch MacBook Pro and 8x faster on the 13-inch. The Blackmagic eGPU also has two Thunderbolt 3 ports, four USB 3 ports, and one HDMI 2 port, making it a pretty capable docking station as well.

It’s the first eGPU to support Thunderbolt 3 displays like the 5K LG monitor Apple recommends for use with the MacBook Pro. This is an all-in-one eGPU, unlike other chassis-style designs that require you to supply your own card.

That makes it less flexible and upgradable than other options, but it allows for a more integrated, quieter design with a smaller footprint. This will be the simplest way to convert your MacBook Pro into a rig capable of VR development, for example.

The Blackmagic eGPU is available now for $699 only from Apple. Command Line delivers daily updates from the near-future. Read more from…

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