AR and VR (Image credits:Tubefilter) Virtual reality, as the name suggests, is a virtual (or computer generated) scenario. It stimulates the real environment.

It has no relation whatsoever to the actual environment the user is in, nor does it interact with the real world. This is to date the most effective method to command attention.

That is because the user will be fully immersed in the experience with no outside distractions. Augmented reality has a less invasive procedure.

What it does is overlay the real world (seen through our device’s camera etc) with digital components, effectively enhancing the existing environment. However, the digital components are not anchored to the real world content, neither do the two interact.

Mixed reality, sometimes referred to as hybrid reality (yes, all the terms get confusing) is the mixing of real and virtual worlds. This produces a dimension where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact with each other. Read more from…

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