Vertigo Games, the developer of popular VR zombie shooter, Arizona Sunshine, is now working on a brand new game with the help of none other than Chet Faliszek (pictured above on the right). Few details are known about Vertigo’s next project right now, though it will be their fourth VR title following the release of Arizona Sunshine (which is getting fresh DLC this month), Skyworld and VR integration for World of Diving.

Arizona, in particular, is regarded as one of VR’s most successful titles, generating $1.4 million in revenue in its first month of sales. Faliszek, meanwhile, has joined the company’s advisory board, though still remains working with Surgeon Simulator dev, Bossa Studios.

The former Valve writer is well-known in the VR industry for having helped evangelize Valve’s work in VR over the past few years, notably first partnering with a handful of developers including Vertigo on initial titles for the HTC Vive. He parted ways with Valve just over a year ago now to join Bossa.

“Vertigo was one of the first companies I reached out to when we started assembling our initial roster of developers for the Vive reveal,” Faliszek said in a prepared statement. “Their ability adapt and work on emerging technologies is amazing.

I can’t wait until they can start sharing what they are working on and their future plans.” When we’ll actually see Vertigo’s latest game is anyone’s guess, but we’ll be eagerly anticipating its arrival. Oculus isn’t the only VR company with some high-profile departures right now; Chet Faliszek is leaving Valve, the creator of the SteamVR platform. Read more from…

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