By Tanner Dedmon
– March 3, 2018 Armature Studio is looking for new workers to fill roles within the company with projects like upcoming IPs being discussed. The studio that’s based out of Austin, Texas, posted a tweet through its official Twitter account that previewed some of the upcoming projects that the developers have in the works.

Among the projects were an “original IP console project, original IP VR project,” both of these presented alongside accolades like co-developing Fortnite. Armature Studio’s link redirects to a site with four different job listings: Gameplay Engineer, Generalist Engineer, Graphics Engineer, and Game Designer.

All of these jobs have their own requirements and specifications, but there’s not as much info to take in from the postings like there would be for other job listings. No mention of first-person shooter or any other genre can be seen through the jobs with the most being that “experience with Unreal Engine 4 a plus.” Armature Studio’s portfolio boasts a wide array of games along with the Fortnite development listed on the company’s resume.

ReCore is another game that most Armature Studio fans will recognize alongside the company’s work on games like Injustice, Borderlands, and the Metal Gear Solid HD collection. Another section of the game’s portfolio lists a page for what’s only being called “upcoming game” at this time, so perhaps this is one of the studio’s projects that’s being teased in the tweet.

In other Armature Studio news, the developers recently made headlines as a result of speculation that surged surrounding the Metal Gear Solid HD collection being ported to the PlayStation 4. Back in mid-February, a listing for the Metal Gear Solid HD collection on the studio’s page previewed the collection’s release for the PlayStation Vita. Read more from…

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