Meat and Livestock Australia have developed a virtual paddock to plate experience to educate consumers about the supply chain. Beef producers are using innovation to address rising pressures from environmental and animal activists about how the industry operates.

The growing demand for transparency and ethically, socially and environmentally sustainable food has been one of the topics up for discussion at Beef Australia 2018, the industry’s biggest expo. Meat and Livestock Australia, a producer-owned red meat industry research, development and marketing organisation, has used virtual reality to try to educate consumers about the supply chain.

The virtual reality experience follows an animal on a cattle station being moved into a feedlot and on to processing at an abattoir before landing on the plate in a restaurant. Community programs manager Fiona Young said the virtual ‘paddock to plate’ experience had proven an effective way to address misconceptions about the industry.

“It certainly does crack open some of those assumptions and stereotypes,” she said. “It’s fully immersive.

So once you’ve got the headset on and your headphones on you’re completely surrounded by the footage, so it allows you to feel that you’re actually there. Subscribe for the national headlines of the day. Read more from…

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