[Boztank pls insert ‘hey kids’ GIF here] First up: Exciting news! We’re going to be migrating the Club Newsletter to a new format from next month that will be delivered in person!

In virtual reality! This means you’ll be able to feel like I’m sitting right next to you saying this stuff right in your face instead of just passively reading it off a screen and maybe getting distracted by other less important stuff. Myself and your Totally Lost Boys (TLB) Club Committee are so excited that we can bring you this amazing experience before any other Youth Club in the world!

#awesome Here’s a taster from a VR trip I took recently to check out the totally awful devastation in Puerto Rico: Of course the impending mandatory migration to VR Newsletters also means we’ll be able to bring you more immersive Newsletter Sponsor Messages in future! YAY!

Which will be great for the Club Money Pool too. So double YAY!

Of course we know that not everyone in Our Community has had a chance to purchase our great Oculus Rift VR headset yet 🙁 Only 0.3% of you have done so! :((( Even though we’ve made sure to tell you all about how great it is for, like, the past several years. Read more from techcrunch.com…

thumbnail courtesy of techcrunch.com