Horror games are always a fan favorite no matter what device you’re playing them on. Nothing brings a thrill to gaming quite like fighting for your life, and nothing makes that feel more real than VR.

Here are some of the best horror games you can find on your Oculus Go that you absolutely need to sink your teeth into. We did a horror game night here in nerd house playing these games which lead to a lot of screaming — and then a lot of laughter.

Word of advice, don’t jump at your friend who thinks they’re running from Slenderman. Turns out they might punch you!

Plug in your headphones and get yourself situated in a place where you won’t knock anything over from flailing. There is nothing that can prepare you for the horrors that the Doors of Silence will bring you.

For $2.99 on the Oculus Store I found Doors of Silence, and my expectations of horror were blown out of the park. I cried, I jumped, I let out gasps of shock and I’ve loved every minute of it. Read more from androidcentral.com…

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