Bethesda announced a new game called Elder Scrolls: Blades. This is a new title in the franchise that will allow mobile and VR users to come together to play the same game in cross-platform functionality.

Users will be able to venture down pre-generated and random dungeons. You will also be able to customze your own characters and pick which hero class you want to be.

This will be a multiplayer online game where you can play with smartphone users and other VR users. This includes HMDs such as the Samsung Gear VR all they way up to a Vive VR headset.

Elder Scrolls: Blades Game Modes Abyss: Rogue like experience. See how far you can go in an endless dungeon. Arena: Go 1 on 1 in a PvP mode against other players.

Town: The Hub for your story and quests. You are a member of the Blades where you were forced out of exile. Read more from…

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