Female gaze: Rise of women directors Wonder Woman made headlines for not only for being the first DC/ Marvel superhero film to feature a female protagonist, but also because its director, Patty Jenkins, is one of only three women to direct a live-action film with a budget of over $100m. The film’s success again ignited the discussion about the need for more female directors, writers and producers and with door now ajar it is likely to be wedged open next year.

Pam Grossman, director of visual trends at Getty Images: “A female director will most likely shoot the same scene in an entirely different way and with a different perspective – one that takes into account female ambition, desire, fantasy, agency, not to mention realistic physiology. ” Sunday service: Religion makes a comeback A study this year revealed that half of all Brits didn’t identify with any particular religion, but in 2018 the tide may turn.

After years of consumers turning more secular, religion is making a comeback. The trend is perhaps most surprising in China where various forms of religion from Buddhism to Christianity are flourishing with the tacit approval of the government following years of persecution.

It’s not just in Asia, the world over rapid social changes are leading to a yearning among many for a new moral compass and a sense of identity and community. “There’s been a lot of wrenching social change,” says Ian Johnson, author of The Souls of China: The Return of Religion after Mao, published in 2017.

“It’s almost as if people need to look around and evaluate what values we believe in.” Streaming wars: TV channels hot up The days when TV watching was a simple choice between four channels are long gone. And in 2018, the original disruptors of the entertainment market like Netflix will face a challenge from a wave of new start up streaming service. Read more from yorkshirepost.co.uk…

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