Now that your mind has been blown by six different flavors of dystopian future-shock, get at least a few answers to your burning questions. Below we interviewed Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker about each episode of the terrific fourth season of his Netflix series.

Note: Spoilers abound, and most of these answers have been previously published in separate stories. As an American, I have to say the automated pizza truck is the best Black Mirror innovation ever.I like to think that it must make your pizza in the truck.

That’s what I was assuming. It’s like a traditional food truck, except fully automated.

And I love that even your pizza truck isn’t entirely benign technology — it still manages to take out a pedestrian here and there.Yeah. You order the pizza using an app, and it comes and finds you like an Uber.

There was another sequence with the truck in it — it’s the same pizza company that comes and delivers a pizza in “USS Callister,” if you’re eagle-eyed. Because once we’ve named a company it’s easier to just re-use it. Read more from…

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