The New York Yankees weren’t the first sports team to don pinstripes, but the distinctive pattern is as closely associated with the baseball club as it is with boardroom suits. The Yankees’ home uniform, a simple design featuring thin navy stripes on a white background, is an enduring classic: It has barely changed in more than a century.

Basic though it is, the pinstriped design presents some challenges for the makers of baseball video games. In the kind of discussion that happens all the time at studios working on sports titles, the developers of R.B.I.

Baseball at Major League Baseball Advanced Media were debating last fall how best to bring the Yankees’ uniform to life in the game. Areas where the pinstripes met a seam didn’t look quite right, so the team fetched some nearby reference material.

“We walked down the hall to Billy, who does all of our merchandise stuff — he manages the shop, he gets all the jerseys through,” recalls Peter Banks, director of marketing for MLBAM’s gaming and virtual reality department. In this case, “down the hall” meant elsewhere in the company’s sprawling multilevel offices, which sit inside a former Nabisco factory in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood.

MLBAM serves as the league’s digital media arm, maintaining its websites, apps and livestreaming platform. The firm produces some mobile games as well as one console title: R.B.I. Read more from…

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