A new experience goes beyond the headset to bridge connections and build empathy. The “Machine to be Another” virtual reality environment creates experiences in which you can embody someone else.

On the left, a participant is immersed in the first-person story being told in the video as a facilitator gently mimics the motions happening on screen. On the right, the video as seen through a VR headset.

(Still image from video by Aileen Imperial/KCTS 9) Standing in the busy railway station in Utrecht, Netherlands, I feel a billow of air whoosh across my face with each arriving train. I see people pour off the platform and into the corridor; they make quick eye contact with me and walk past.

All around, I hear the cacophony of mass transportation. And inside my head, a voice: “I work here in Amsterdam with two other trans guys — we’re called the transketeers.” Two young men walk up to me, smiling warmly.

One gives my arm a gentle squeeze and the physical sensation makes me feel grounded, among friends. Except this isn’t me and I’m not here. Read more from crosscut.com…

thumbnail courtesy of crosscut.com