CNET también está disponible en español. Carne y Arena, from Alejandro González Iñárritu, the Academy-Award winning filmmaker behind The Revenant, is mesmerizing audiences.

The immigrant experience of trying to escape to the United States has perhaps never been more in the news than amid the current debate over families being separated at the border. But for most, the emotions, sights and sounds of the immigrant experience are just words on paper.  The virtual-reality experience Carne y Arena (“Flesh and Sand”) aims to change that.  Viewers of the experience now running in Washington D.C.

begin in a sort of holding cell, CityLab reports, where they must take off their shoes and socks and wait for instructions. Then it’s on to a sand-filled space where the virtual-reality headset puts them in the Chihuahuan Desert along with a group of migrants who are apprehended by US border-patrol authorities.

“There’s a point when the officers turn their guns on the viewer and begin shouting orders at the migrants,” wrote CityLab reviewer Kriston Capps. “It is not a scene for the faint of heart or easily traumatized.

I felt pushed to run but instead froze in place, aware that I was not following their orders to get down on the ground. Further down the brain stem, more dimly, and maybe only after the fact, it occurred to me that these weren’t real orders, or real officers.” Read more from…

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