The Samsung Gear VR is the less discussed virtual reality headset for Android, and because of that, you often don’t hear about the newest Gear VR games hitting the virtual shelves. Well, today I have a big one to announce. Asmodee Digital and Experiment 7 have released Catan VR on the Oculus store and you can grab the Gear VR version right now for $9.99.

Catan VR takes everything you love about The Settlers of Catan and stuffs it into a virtual reality experience that almost feels like you are playing the physical board game. It was developed in conjunction with the original Catan creators (Benjamin and Klaus Teuber), so you can rest assured that this VR release is up to snuff.

You can expect both a single-player experience as well as one that works online with multiplayer. The single-player mode allows you to go up against a few different AI characters.

This is excellent for brushing up on your skills, and it’s also a refuge for those that have no desire to play online. But the real meat of the game has always been focused around multiplayer.

What’s nice about this mode is that it supports online cross-platform gameplay. So anyone who happens to own this title for the Oculus Rift will be able to play against those that are using a Samsung Gear VR. Read more from…

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