One of the main perks of being an entrepreneur is working remotely, whether you are on a plane, sitting on a beach or getting things done at home during the evening. Cincy-based startup Immersed is looking to add an extra twist to that formula.

It plans to use virtual reality to allow workers to telecommute into a virtual reality workspace. “Immersed was founded under the belief that a future where humanity is able to live wherever and work wherever is fundamentally more freeing than one where we are not,” its website states.

The software works via laptop and VR headset. Users sit down at their laptop, and their camera recognizes their presence via artificial intelligence software, which is currently only available on Mac devices.

Employees then affix the headset and “enter” the virtual workspace with their peers, where they can detect coworkers’ body movements and even look in on anything they are working on. “Quite literally, it feels like you are there,” said CEO Renji Bijoy.

“It feels like your co-workers are there right beside you, because you see their bodies, you can see their interactions.” Getting to this point began for Bijoy when he started his post-collegiate work in the corporate world, in positions like software developer and senior architect at CNN. However, Bijoy wanted to build something that was his own, that would solve problems for people. Read more from…

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