Journal Star (AP) Knox College senior Eli Adams (left) works with classmate Brittany Downer while learning to stitch a mock wound in the Pre-Med Immersion program at Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center in Peoria. PEORIA (AP) — With pigs hearts and cadavers galore, the Pre-Med Immersion Course at Jump Simulation would scare off all but the most serious candidates for medical school.

Ten students from area colleges peered into piles of pig innards while learning about coronary artery bypass surgery. Shannon Egli, the anatomical coordinator at Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center, showed students how to extract a blood vessel from a pig’s lung using scissors and scalpel.

“If you want to share the scalpel with your partner, put it on the table and let them pick it up,” he explained. “Every time you put it on the table you tell them.

You don’t want any sharps floating around on the table without them knowing it.” Sponsored by the University of Illinois College of Medicine Peoria and Jump Simulation, the two-week program is a chance to show prospective medical students the great learning environment available in Peoria. In its second year, the program is being marketed to undergrad students within 100 miles of Peoria, an effort to encourage local talent to study and eventually practice medicine in their hometown.

“We are seeing significant brain drain in rural areas — kids graduate and go elsewhere,” said Dr. John Vozenilek, vice president and chief medical officer of Jump Simulation. “We are trying to show students that there is a robust opportunity in their own town.” The majority of this year’s participants are from Knox College, which offers a scholarship to pay for the program. Read more from…

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