The massive development of VR technology in 2015 and 2016 led to an explosion in AR/VR/360 content. This includes photos, games, and videos.

While most startups and hardware manufacturers focus on the entertainment sector, VR advertising holds a lot of potential. Major companies have found that VR is a great way for them to interact with customers.

This includes things such interactive product illustrations, captivating virtual tours of tourist destinations, breathtaking VR movies, the scale, and creativity reached its zenith in 2017. Clearly, the use of AR/VR/360 is proving to be a success story.

It is a major paradigm shift, which has already occurred in the world of digital marketing. The growth of creating and watching VR/360 content has been propelled by the proliferation of high quality 360 cameras.

Data from Facebook shows that millions of its users watch 360 videos daily. This is the same on YouTube, where the videos get millions of views daily. Read more from…

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