The company which has boosted the development of virtual and augmented reality wants to attract more users via the public token sale. The usage of Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality has evidently changed through the last decade.

It started as a groundbreaking technology which was extremely expensive and required lots of costly equipment. Today VR/AR brings incredible gaming experience, changes marketing campaigns and turns museums in first-person action movies.

Cappasity is a company which has solved the main problem of wide VR/AR/3D content – its lack. The first decentralized content-oriented global 3D platform has already achieved great success.

The company has gained significant support from venture capital like Decema. However, it did not become an obstacle for Cappasity to rise over $2.5 million in cryptocurrencies during Phase 1 of CAPP token sales.

The second round of CAPP sales is about to start: the tokens will be available for purchase during one month from the 22 of February to the 22 of March. Even though at the moment the CAPP token takes the 240th position by market capitalization according to CoinMarketCap, the hard cap of $20 million is likely to be reached before the end of the sale period. Read more from…

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