Care home residents use cardboard headsets to watch a 360-degree video recreating the Queen’s Coronation Day celebrations. 06:10, UK,
2018 By Gemma Evans, Sky News Swipe Presenter A virtual reality project is helping elderly people with dementia by recreating moments from the 1950s.

Care home residents in Surrey have been using cardboard headsets to watch a 360-degree video immersing them in the Queen’s Coronation Day celebrations from 1953. Dan Cole and Andy Garnett, who started The Wayback project with friends, made the re-enactment film with a cast and crew of volunteers, using a budget raised through crowd-funding.

They are now hoping to get financial support to create a “memory bank” of moments from a number of different decades. I tried out the experience with one of the care home’s residents, Beryl Weston, and saw a crowd of people in fancy dress singing cheerily on a bright sunny day in London.

“My dear! What a wonderful lot of people!”

Beryl shouted. One resident, Daphne, said she had spotted a little boy dressed as a guardsman, while another resident called Elsbeth was able to give a description of the sky. Read more from…

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