Districts aims more than to bring virtual reality to users: its chief achievement would be to bring users into virtual reality. Imagine a Districts-powered shopping mall, where a user can take a “virtual walk” and even make a purchase.  Districts combines virtual reality, 3D technologies and the blockchain to achieve an ecosystem of unique identities.  But there is no limit to the ideas that can be implemented in the Districts ecosystem.

The team will also build an ecosystem for developers to deploy their own ideas.  “The Districts Visual Studio (DVS) provides users with the necessary tools to unleash their creative potentials in game development. Think you can create the next clash of World of Warcraft, simply dive into the DVS, and get going.

You’re also welcome to explore our growing library of user-developed games at launch,” the project promises. And the whole system would be powered by a fast blockchain, with 92 to 102 transactions per second.

Automatized smart contracts would take human error out of the system.  The proprietary 3D Coin would also serve as a suitable means of transaction, powering the smart contracts and options for decentralized data hosting.  There is no limit to the possibilities for virtual reality, especially as more devices are coming on board. Virtual classrooms, therapies, as well as gaming and 3D rendering – those are just some of the avenues that Districts would explore.  “Districts Digital Virtual Studio has native support for the development of a broad range of applications, which will be commissioned into the Districts ecosystem as a DAPP.

A user-defined DAPP could be anything – it can be as basic as a virtual key or as complex as full-scale MMORPG – It all boils down to the needs and creative tendencies of the user.” The Districts is currently in the ICO stage, and is fast on track to gathering the hard cap of $6.6 million. Read more from cryptovest.com…

thumbnail courtesy of cryptovest.com