Privacy Policy People of all ages can enter and interact with real or imaginary and fantastic environments at the Space VR virtual reality arcade that opened recently in Solvang. A gamer enters a virtual world at Space VR, where a big-screen monitor gives an idea of the environment the player has entered.

Wearing a headset and holding specialized equipment, a player enters a virtual world at Space VR, a virtual reality arcade in Solvang. A new business has opened a doorway into virtual reality worlds where people of all ages can fight zombies, fly through the sky with magical dragons, become a wizard, create a 3D painting and then walk into it, ride a roller coaster through ancient Greek mythical tales and so much more.

Space VR arcade, located across from the Vintage Motorcycle Museum in Solvang Village Square at 320 S. Alisal Road, is one of only a handful of virtual reality entertainment centers in the country offering customers the chance to experience reality in a whole new way. For those not familiar with virtual reality, it involves a computer generating a simulation of a three-dimensional environment that’s projected into a viewer that fits over the eyes and can be interacted with in a seemingly physical way by using special equipment.

Until recently, the concept was the stuff of science fiction, much like the Holodeck on the Starship Enterprise in the “Star Trek” movies, a Space VR spokesman said. But virtual reality technology began evolving as early as the late 1950s with projects like Super Cockpit, a flight simulator that projected 3D maps and imagery into real-time space.

That inspired other inventions and eventually led 18-year-old entrepreneur Palmer Luckey in 2010 to develop the prototype of the VR headsets in use today. Virtual reality finally entered the mainstream in 2017 and is now a burgeoning technology expected to have applications across a wide range of industries. Read more from…

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