‘Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the agency, not a new brief was opened, blame it on post-Christmas party complacency; The inboxes are tidied and auto-responders set with care, With a toast to 2017 the year that it was, the astute digital agency executive must look forward, well, a little just because; A new year of social, with developments ahead, ‘Sigh’ says Mark Ritson while he watches TV ads (all of them in full) from his bed. Social media is in for a ride and one must attest that this 2018 prediction list is most likely one of the best.

Enjoy. Robots won’t take your jobin 2018.

But you’ll engage with one every single day. Bots and AI won’t replace humans just yet.

But they will get better as marketers explore creative options and gain better understanding of the potential of the technology. This year we saw an explosion of brands utilising bots as a communication tool and they were, at best quite primitive but still engaging.

Check out Katy Perry’s bot on her official Facebook page – it’s the framework of an exciting future for personalised customer and fan engagement at scale. AI will continue to drive improved digital ad-serving outcomes and increased ROI – taking out some of the guess work from successful digital strategies. Read more from adnews.com.au…

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