Elon Musk is one of the most beloved tech entrepreneurs of our generation. He’s helped create companies such as PayPal, Tesla, and SpaceX.

But he might soon be getting involved in the VR business according to his recent tweets. While the tweet itself doesn’t mean too much, our reporting about Renault and Oculus does.

We recently uncovered that Renault, the french multinational automobile manufacturer has been working with Ubisoft and Oculus to provide VR experiences within their autonomous vehicles. Drivers and passengers of the vehicle will be able to see unique VR experiences catered to the car and user.

Elon Musk currently operates his own electric self-driving car company called Tesla and he might be wanting to incorporate the same technology into his vehicles. He has probably caught whiff of his competitor and the actions they are taking towards incorporating VR technology into their vehicles.

If Elon Musk was to develop his own VR tech, he would be able to incorporate it into several of his current businesses including SpaceX for space simulations that NASA is currently doing. We hope to see Musk in the VR world soon. Read more from vrandfun.com…

thumbnail courtesy of vrandfun.com