Tumelo Ramaphosa. Picture: Instagram President Cyril Ramaphosa’s youngest son Tumelo is aiming to climb the ranks of Blockchain in Africa and the world with his company StudEx Wildlife.

Ramaphosa is focused on globalising farming auctions through the digitisation of livestock, wild animals and endangered species by turning them into digital tokens. In turn, funds raised by Initial Coin Purchase (ICO) will be used to fund a conservation effort to track a list of animals that are under threat of extinction, like mountain gorillas.

While this might sound lofty, these plans have been in motion since 2016 – and are gaining traction globally. “It started as an entrepreneurship project where we either had to come up with a startup or create a business solution.

I chose the start-up route. “My whole mission initially was to go to the USA to establish my start-up and to take advantage of the start-up space.

So I created a cryptocurrency for auctions we have in South Africa, and to conserve endangered wildlife. “The idea is by having cryptocurrency you have more payments and you can take bigger payments in less time,” he says. Read more from citizen.co.za…

thumbnail courtesy of citizen.co.za